Citizen Vinyl

Quality record pressing in Asheville, N.C.
Home of Session Cafe and Bar, Coda: Analog Art & Sound,
and Citizen Studios

About Citizen Vinyl

Citizen Vinyl is a special place and you know it the moment you walk in. Housed in a 1939 art deco building, Citizen Vinyl is a record pressing facility, an event space, a café and bar, and an analog music and art store.

If you're in Asheville, N.C., stop in for lunch or a drink. Our staff and select DJs will be spinning sides from our vinyl collection. Take a tour of the historic building — once home to the famed WWNC radio station — and watch albums being pressed in real time.


Citizen Vinyl is offering for sale in Asheville a very rare Beogram 4000 turntable, first manufactured by Bang & Olufsen in Denmark in 1972. Combining innovative technology, precise engineering and visionary design by Jacob Jensen, the Beogram 4000 became B&O's signature product, setting a new standard for high-end home audio.

This turntable has had one owner and was sparingly used. It has recently undergone a thorough inspection and restoration by the only audio technician in the U.S.A. authorized within B&O's Classic program. The turntable is in perfect operating condition and is superb cosmetically (with only light scratches on the dust cover). If you are a serious buyer, serious offers will be considered. To view or purchase contact

  • About our pressing facility

    We have capabilities to produce runs in the tens of thousands, and we maintain relationships with several record labels across the US and abroad. Our client list includes the full range of local to international artists across countless genres. We take pride in serving the DIY garage-band clients all the way to globally distributed superstars.

    In short, you combine modern technology with Citizen Vinyl’s extensive audio engineering expertise and the results are beautiful looking and superb sounding records made to last many lifetimes.

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